About Us

Meet The Owners

Wilder Fresh is Karen and Jim Wilder, former owners of The Wild Orchid Cafe, an award winning restaurant in Annapolis.  After closing the restaurant and experiencing boring retirement Jim and Karen moved on to catering and events on a mostly part time basis.  The couple have now decided to get involved in taking down the industrial food movement. No big deal! They thought about being farmers, but Karen can’t even keep her house plants alive.

Karen and Jim are the Wilder’s. Karen is a home-taught master in the kitchen. She raised their boys on natural, freshly cooked and delicious food. Jim, aka the trained Chef and production officer commands the kitchen and vendors. They have again teamed up to bring  seasonally inspired, nutritious, and delicious meals to the hungry citizens of Annapolis and the surrounding areas.

Why Order Meals from Wilder Fresh?

Quite simply, every day is a good day for healthy home cooked food. We easily and tastefully incorporate healthy, comforting and delicious eating into your life. Worried about getting dinner ready seven days a week while also working and raising kids? Or maybe it makes sense to you to let someone else help out with the weekly meal preparation to make the ordeal a little easier or maybe you would like to never cook again! ( we certainly don’t recommend this but we know people like this ) 

We prepare food the way it was meant to be made. From scratch and cooked slowly with love. Homemade with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

We can tell you, in clear conscience, that our meals are very healthy. They are chock full of fresh, local veggies, grains, beans, and other wholesome goodness.

We go very light on the salt so you can season  as you please. But please don’t let the whole “healthful” thing scare you.

Sure, you can find “fresh” meals ready to prepare and mailed to your door or certainly meals from major grocery stores around the area. Wilder Fresh is like having a personal chef that doesn’t use your kitchen.

Our Mission

Preparing food seven days a week and often three times everyday is difficult. We’re trying to help. Wilder Fresh believes in real, responsible food. We support our local farming community and fight food waste. We compost. We treat our staff respectfully and ask the same of our vendors. We cook healthfully, and our meals are ready to heat and eat in the oven. We avoid plastic and prefer oven ready containers.

What does this long and growing list of endeavors mean? The planet wins. The consumer wins. The community wins. The farmers win. The laborers win.

Our Values

We believe in the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. In our view – the word “others” includes people, air, water, animals, you, me – all of us. We are aware of the complexity of our food system, and we’re trying to be a part of the solution.

Every day, we try to practice what we preach: being thoughtful about sourcing, minimizing waste, composting, treating our team-members justly, equally, and fairly, cooking healthfully… These aren’t tall orders, but they’re significant rebellions against the food system as we know it. Our promises are cooked into our meals. When you eat our Local Winter Pot Roast or devour Natural Chicken Marbella, you know you’re contributing to a better food system and a better world for everyone. 

That, friends, is radically delicious.